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I like TV, movies, cartoons, writing, campy shit, and outer space

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(In other words: Hufflepuff with Slytherin undertones)

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Aromantic bisexual with personal space issues

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, ADHD

Drabble Ask Prompts! (South Park): Chasing Rabbits

ao3 (Supernatural): ChasingRabbits

I'm a pirate, in so far as if I like a ship, I'm probably gonna raid it.

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we need to talk about shrek more

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my sociology professor wants us to be fastidiously detailed in documenting our morning routines so does that mean that I include flipping off the dog when he barks at me for no discernible reason at 9 am


1. Take your meds, Hannah Louise

2. Relinquish the already nonexistent control you have over the universe and all its unfathomable forces outside yourself


Reblogging from yesterday because GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY

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I love atmidnightcc, I love the incredible Ron Funches, and I love poofy/sparkly things; so creating this fan art was a necessity
My ipad crashed about fifty times while making this, it couldn’t handle all the fabulousness


If you see me lying face down in the dirt on the pierce college campus, just know that I quit everything and leave my body to be taken by the elements

Can a thin person have body image struggles? Can a thin person be at war with their self-image? Can a thin person hate to look in the mirror?


And does that suck?


But the difference between these negative feelings and fatphobia is this: The only person worrying about whether or not I’m meeting beauty standards is me.

And that’s not the same for fat folk.

When you’re not thin, other people on the beach actually do take offense. When you’re not thin, people really do think that you shouldn’t be in a bathing suit. When you’re not thin, people really do make your body their moral obligation.

And while your internal struggle is real and significant, the point is: You might hate your body, but society doesn’t.

That’s thin privilege.


nah sorry i cant go out tonight, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly 3 am

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jenna’s side

jenna’s side

i’m not hearing it, liz

Usagi being all down on herself for not having any special powers like Ami, Rei and Makoto and Tuxedo Mask is legit like “Your power is to make them smile” and i just.